The Night I Met Ghostface and Didnt Do Anything...

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Me and the Stonerettes (Vanessa and Liv) we’re covering the Santa Cruz music festival. During Ghostfaces set I kept throwing up my the shirt (with the painting I painted of him on it) up, he’d acknowledge it with a head nod but never came and got it. For some reason it did cause Killah Keise to keep looking at me like I was a snack and stand right in front of me all night and look at me like he was gonna eat me 😩 but that’s neither here nor there Lmao
Anyways, I painted this painting and put it on a shirt in hopes that I’d somehow get it to one of my favorite Wu Tang (P-Tone aka Tony Starks himself) members by the end of the night, but it wasn’t working.
After his set Me, Vanessa and Liv were standing outside tryna figure out what to do after the festival when the mighty hands of Zeus aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Thor Molecules aka Volcano Hands otherwise known as the one n only Cocaine Biceps himself and his Entourage walk out.
“THERE HE GOES” yells Liv but I just stand there starstruck.
Everything is in slow motion at this moment
“GIVE ME THE FUCKIN SHIRT!” Vanessa yells at me over and over. It finally registers and I pass her the shirt like we was running a relay in the olympics.
“GHOST! MISTER FACE! GHOSTFACE! Hi! Hi! My friend painted this painting and put it on a shirt for you!” Vanessa is screaming as she is stepping on his chicks toes tryna push him out the way.
“You made this shawty?” He says and then He mumbles something else — which I don’t remember what because... slow motion and I can’t believe this is happening.
“Y-y-yes!” I said.
He gives me a hug, says thank you, let’s me take a picture and this is off in the wind like Tony Starks off to fight Thanos in End Game.
Seriously one of the best days in my art career.
Wu Tang forever!

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