Words of Wisdom (Original Painting)
Words of Wisdom (Original Painting)
Words of Wisdom (Original Painting)

Words of Wisdom (Original Painting)

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Size: 5ftx3ft Canvas has been stretched onto brackets and is ready to hang. 

Medium: Acyclic 

Created: All Womens Festival, Sacramento, CA. April 2024

This live painting holds a special place in my heart as it's dedicated to two remarkable women: my Grandmother Bertha and Ms. Barbara. 

#StoryTime - They happened to meet at the Old Sugar Mill back in February and had a beautiful conversation centered around their shared love for our Black community and our youth. Listening to them talk about their experiences and aspirations inspired me to create this piece. 

In this piece, I wanted to represent them as the Queens they are. The crown filled with colors of priceless gems represents their words, dripping with love and encouragement because…. They dropped  GEMS 💎 

The lines coming from the mouth represent  the love and blessings that they speak into the world. 

I’m thankful to them for inspiring me to spread love through my art. I’m blessed to have women like them surrounding me.